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Technical experts from sinotruk group came to Jintian for guidance and exchange

From September 23 to 25, the technical institute, design institute and casting and forging center of Sinotruck Group jointly appointed an expert group Liu Changshen and his party to our company for technical guidance and exchange.The two sides focused on the problems of casting cracks and shrinkage porosity of 125 mining vehicle axle housing and electric drive cast steel axle housing, and trial produced samples.In the process, sinotruck experts proposed to increase process subsidies, add anti crack lacing bars, change the placement mode of cold iron and other process and technical means.The effectiveness of the changed process is verified by trial production of samples.The process has provided us with abundance of help.It is a recognized technical problem in the industry to eliminate the casting defects such as cracks of large-size thin-walled bridge shell steel castings.Our company has invested a lot of energy and has always been committed to eliminating defects as far as possible from the process.The technical process measures and final product effect we used have also been highly praised by sinotruck experts.Our company is also very grateful to sinotruk group for providing this opportunity.Through this technical exchange, we have jointly solved technical problems, enhanced mutual understanding, and made many technicians of our company feel that they have broadened their ideas and benefited a lot.

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